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On Location

There are so many gorgeous locations in Las Vegas to shoot!  Each location offers a different feel through the different seasons.  Wheter you are looking for famiy portraits with a urban feel or a nature feel, wee got you covered!  
Spring Mt. Ranch

Spring Mt Ranch is located in between Red Rock and Bonnie Springs and is truly an oasis in the desert!  Whether you choose from a beautiful water backdrop or the classic farm, you can't go wrong at this location! 

We are one of the ONLY photography studios to have a permit out at Spring Mt Ranch!  


Rose Park
Cobbleston pathways and manicured hedges. Rose Park is a hidden gem in Las Vegas. The spring offers a breath taking backdrop filled with spring blooms and the most gorgeous roses around.  In the winter we like to create a gorgeous winter wonderland!   Please check out our Holiday Sessions 


Nelson's Landing

Nelson's Landing offers something totally unique!  The vibrant colors blend with the rust in perfect harmony.   Nelson's Landing in located just past  Nelson's Nevada about 45 mins away from Las Vegas. This location adds an additional fee of $135 for photographer travel and location permit.  $125 for travel and $10 for permit.  LaLa Photography goes out to Nelson's Landing for Mini Sessions 2 times a year. Make sure to "like" us on Facebook for the most up to date information!

Red Rock 

Red Springs at Red Rock offers gorgeous scenery year around!  From the golden hues of November to the tall green grass of the Spring. Red Rock is a great location for families who desire more of a nature feel to thier photos without going to far into nature! 

Mckee Ranch

Mckee Ranch offers a unique location unlike any other in Las Vegas! An eclectic,  ranch style decor mixed with country flair!  During the month of October, Mckee Ranch transforms into a magical place filled with deep harvest colors! 

LaLa Photography is out there everyday from opening to sunrise.  Pumpkin Patch Portraits are by far the best deal of the year!  


Color! Color! Color! . The art district is great for familes wanting something with a little more spunk!  Be sure to pick outfits with tons of color and attitude! 

Springs Preserve

We like to shoot at this amazing location during the spring when the colors are vibrant and all the flowers are in bloom! We normally shoot in the gardens which only requires a small donation at the ticketing counter.

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