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Session Options

These are a few of our most popular sessions!  Please feel free to give us a call if you do not see what you are looking for!  980-428-9939

Photo Studio Charlotte


 We love capturing this most precious time in life! Please schedule your shoot for between 6 and 10 days after your baby arrives. We provide all the props and cloths for your little one!

Photo Studio Charlotte


 WHAT A MESS! Celebrate your little one’s first birthday with this special shoot. We order you a custom cake, or you can bring your own. These sessions are always a lot of fun!

Photo Studio Charlotte


 We offer over 50 themes choices, which include backdrops, props and costumes. Each session includes two sets: one to match the party, and one to match your home decor 

Photo Studio Charlotte
At LaLa Photography, we are always getting new sets or have special events with amazing prices!  Check back often to see if the perfect shoot is there for you! 

Photo Studio Charlotte

Our family sessions are perfect for anytime of the year!  You can also add a mini family session onto a birthday shoot! 

Photo Studio Charlotte


Babies that are not quite sitting yet need a little extra time!  Our infant sessions are perfect for your little one under 6 months! 



Whether it’s Back to School, or Valentines, we celebrate your family passages through the year. These themes are usually available for a  limited time only.



 November & December are busy but beautiful, and full of special moments. We have mini sessions for every budget!

Coming soon!...
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